You’re Better when You’re Moving!

You’re better when you’re moving.

Sitting is not for you. Sometimes you feel like sitting, and you may even deserve it, but it’s not for you.

You think better when you’re moving. You problem solve better.

The beautiful part is that just by doing “something” with your body you will find that ideas and concepts will come easier to you. You don’t have to run, jump, or get crazy, just move more and more of you.

Clean your house/office, do a “walkthrough” without a specific purpose, stand up and stretch or move at random for a few minutes. Move until an idea comes to you or you feel the urge to get back to “work”. Your creativity will increase and you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel.

It’s awfully difficult to stay sad, depressed, or angry when you’re moving.

So get moving. Solve the world’s problems. We could use you.