Now We’re Having Fun!

Now we’re having fun.

Want to know how to make exercise fun? Why do you enjoy hanging out with a good friend? When is work actually “fun”? How can exercise be fun when you inherently don’t like it or don’t see it as a priority? It’s fun when it makes sense to you.

You enjoy hanging out with your friend because you get each other, you have something in common, it makes sense. The same can be said for the work you do, or a day that work goes well, things just make sense. Whenyour mind or your emotions get what’s going on around you, stress reduces, you enjoy yourself, and you get the most from whatever it is that you are doing. You’ve got to find a way for it to make sense.

What makes sense with exercise? Hopefully, moving makes sense. It certainly makes sense to us. Why do some people prefer one exercise or form of exercise over another? You don’t always have to understand why someone makes a choice because it makes sense to them. But that is also why you should not just do what someone else has done, no matter how good looking, athletic, or successful they may be. Your exercise must make sense to you.

For some of us, playing sports makes sense and we enjoy it immensely. Others enjoy other forms of exercise or recreation. Why do some people pay for the services of another, not only for personal training or coaching, but for housecleaning, auto mechanical work, or tax paperwork? It sometimes makes more sense to do so than to figure it out on your own. It isn’t that you couldn’t do it, you know what we’re going to say, of course…it just might make sense.

Either find the activity you like, find the person you most want to do it with, or get out there and force yourself to pay the money you work hard to earn so that you can make better sense out of exercise. CEOs, successful people, and happy people, in general, will tell you that finding the right exercise for you won’t just make sense for your health and fitness, it makes everything better.