Don’t just Exercise, Look Good Doing It!

Don’t just exercise, look good doing it.

We’re NOT talking about aesthetics, rock hard abs, and how good your body looks. We’re talking about worrying more about making it look like you were born to do the exercise more than speed, strength, or intensity.

Make it your goal to make the exercise look perfect. Whether you’re walking, lifting, playing tennis, doing yoga, or running and jumping around, make others think, “that’s good form.” Make people pause and maybe even say, “Wow, I’ve never seen someone walk so well.” Maybe they’ll say, “I wish everyone would take the time to do things as well as you clearly do.”

Do it well before worrying about everything else. Strive for perfection in form and everything else, including your shape and your fitness, will come. That’s a promise from us and a promise to yourself.

Be the best looking exerciser in the gym, or wherever you may be. Go as slowly, as short of a duration, with as long of a rest/recovery as you need. Strive to get better Do it 1% at a time.

Be the best at technique. In everything. Not possible? Maybe not. But that is now, and forever should be, the goal.