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Women's Boot Camp and Broadcom Fitness Class FAQs

What is Irvine Women's Boot Camp?

A four-week outdoor program of fitness instruction, nutritional coaching & motivational training provided by Mark Baines, of Boot Camp Made Fun.

Legs and thighs will become leaner…

Core muscles will become strong…



Where is the women's boot camp held?

At the Mariners Church-Irvine campus from 5:30-6:30am. Go to the Camp Schedule page for dates and locations of all camps.

How challenging is the women's boot camp?

Rating personal ability levels on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest 10 being the highest), boot campers generally range from level 1-8 (no one has been bold enough to call themselves a 9!). Modifications are made so that campers of all ability levels will lose weight, gain conditioning, improve strength and endurance, increase flexibility and mobility, and see physical results like never before.

You’ll feel your abs working like never before……

Arms and upper body muscles will change for the better……

What types of exercises are included in the women's boot camp?

Each day is different, but campers bring two sets of light and moderate (3-15 lbs) weights and a yoga mat to camp each day in preparation for exercises which include bodyweight, core conditioning, functional movements, traditional strength training, yoga, active flexibility, circuit training, agility training, and resistance tubing for maximal results. Once again, modifications are frequently made for more advanced and beginner level campers.

When will women's boot camp meet?

Camps are held each weekday of every calendar month beginning the 1st weekday of each month and ending the last calendar day of each month. If you are unable to join at the beginning of the month, arrangements can be made, just ask us.

What do I need to bring to women's boot camp?

You (on time, every day), water bottle, yoga or cushioned mat, hand towel, layered clothing for cooler mornings, and 2 sets of hand weights (3-15 lbs, depending on your ability level and conditioning).

What is the cost for women's boot camp?

$299 for one full month of boot camp training that you will not want to give up for anything. There is a 3-day option (M-W-F only) for $199. There is also a special rate, costing you even less, for those wishing to commit to an entire year of training (call to inquire further). Whether you are getting fit for your wedding, trying to lose weight, preparing for a marathon, or just looking to get outside, get moving and get healthy, you will be glad you came (even if we are up before other more sane people).

What classes are offered at the Broadcom Campus in Irvine?

Broadcom fitness class offerings (for employees only) include both inside and outside circuit training options from 7-8am or 6-7 pm each day. Running classes are also offered from 5-6 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Call (714) 348-0142 for specific class availability and schedule. The focus on the indoor and outdoor fitness/circuit training classes is on strength endurance, fat loss, lean tissue gain, and greater overall energy output for work and non-work activities. The focus for the running class is on building performance speed for running and sports through efficiency in movement, focused drills, appropriate timing and intensity, and improved form and running technique (gait). The cost is $120 for 2x/week classes and $180 for 3x/week classes. Occasional weightlifting and training clinics will be available at only 130 per session. Assessments are available at $45 (during September and October) for 30 minutes to specifically determine any and all of the following points of interest: body fat, postural control, tissue flexibility/mobility, cardiovascular health/fitness, strength, running form, or agility. 

Who can attend Broadcom’s fitness classes?

Only Broadcom Corporation employees may take part in the Broadcom fitness classes. All classes are co-ed. All classes are appropriate for beginning, moderate, and advanced athletes, non-athletes, and general fitness or health enthusiasts. Sufficient challenge will not be a problem, and appropriate modifications will always be available for those in need due to low-level conditioning, past injury, or current disability.

Where will the Broadcom classes be held?

Indoor classes will be held in the Building 6 gym.  Outdoor classes will begin at the basketball court between buildings 5 and 6 unless otherwise notified.  Running routes will include various locations within a few miles of the Broadcom Irvine campus. 


Please call (714) 348-0142 and ask for Mark or email to inquire further about Broadcom class information.