Mariners Church in Irvine

(Women’s Boot Camp)

Heritage Park (Irvine)
(Running Camps)

Irvine High School Track
(Speed Camps)

Peters Canyon ( Tustin )
(Women's Hike Day and Running Camps)


You won't believe the results, and just wait until you see how much you can change and improve in just a few weeks!

Today’s Training Tip:

What makes a great exercise program? One that is designed around your current level, capabilities, and limitations, with a long-term focus toward your end goal (weight loss, muscle gain, running speed, etc.). Then that program must be designed to take these details into account. This program must also evolve as you evolve, and this won’t happen with a pre-made program. Exercises will need to change, work periods will need to be adjusted for each set, speed of movement will change, intensity of exercise will increase (not everyday, just overall), rest periods will change, and overall movement skill will change. This is not easy. Do you do your own car repairs, and your own taxes and financial planning? Then maybe you’re able to handle your own training. No one succeeds alone.  

“Every muscle aches and I love it!!
I'm getting the "boot camp" idea now and the fast pace makes the time go quickly. Mark has been really helpful in talking about "proper form" and motivates us to do more (although I was so happy when the workout was over!!). My goal is to try and attend for 20 days straight!”
- Susie I., Irvine

“Once you get past the first few days, camp really starts to evolve and you begin to get more comfortable with everything. Mark is so wonderful and knowledgeable and does such a great job at making camp fun that the hour just flies by.”
- Samantha S., Tustin Ranch

“If it wasn't for this class, I know I wouldn't be venturing down the path I'm now heading…one where I enjoy exercise and eating right. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm not looking forward to time off between camps!”
- Tiffany C., Orange

"I can't tell you how boot camp has changed my life for the better. I can count at least nine things that have been improved because of boot camp. You have been really great in motivating me to a new fitness level. Thank you, Mark!"
- Jan T., Irvine

"I have more energy than ever before. I want to keep challenging myself, and I could not ask for a better instructor. I prefer your teaching style (you are motivating, but hold us responsible for challenging ourselves, you explain things well, and you are funny even at 5:30 a.m.)!”
- Kelly S., Aliso Viejo

“I love your class and I want to take it again. I hate to run but I am improving. The first day I couldn’t run the entire half circle (1/3 mile between circuits) but I can make it now and am running a lot better!”
- Natalie L., Irvine

“I’m looking forward to camp, believe it or not, the gym just isn’t as fun.”
- Barbara W., Orange

“I have never felt this good about myself! Thank you, Mark!”
- Ashley A., Irvine

“I feel great and want to continue doing boot camps! Thank you, Mark, you were awesome!”
- Dolly D., Irvine

“I have really enjoyed the class, and Mark is a great instructor. Thank you!”
- Kate Shanor, Irvine

“I'm a big fan of Mark--he's the best, in case anyone wants to know. He's 100% the reason I'm coming back. This has been one of the most important things I've done for myself in a long time.”
- Jan W., Irvine

“Thanks for being a wonderful instructor, motivator, and trainer for us all. For me, though, you've provided inspiration to better myself through physical fitness! I'm sure I speak for all the women when I say "thanks for making us all better people on the outside AND inside!”
- Kathy C., Irvine

“The boot camp you've designed is a great program with an excellent combinations of weights and cardio trainings which work perfectly together. It was challenging for me in the beginning but when I saw improvements and results that was the best motivation for me. I was feeling energetic and fresh after each session and it was a great start for a working day. It was a good experience and I really enjoyed the camp.”
- Sanaz M., Irvine

“"Boot camp is what I needed to revitalize my workout routine. It was a great way to get me excited about working out again & has been a great addition to my weekly routine. The camaraderie from fellow campers as well as the format of the class was a nice change. It's also a great way to meet people in a completely different environment."
- Nicole B., Mission Viejo

“For me, boot camp is the best way to wake myself up for a work day with full energy.”
– Lydia L., Irvine

“I had a great time in your boot camp. It was difficult at first for me because I generally do not exercise. However, I was able to pick up well and keep up with the routines you had planned for us. Your specific comments about maintaining the right profile or posture during a particular exercise helped me gain the most from the exercises. I like the way you make your exercises challenging and fun. I have never liked running but after the boot camp, I am actually tempted to go out and take a jog when I can. It was therefore a great program to get me back in shape. I now feel about 10 years younger. Thanks a lot!”
– Prasad K., Newport Beach

“The important thing I keep hearing from you is to MOVE. I work long hours and just have never made the time for exercise so the boot camp time of day is perfect for me when I'm in town. I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your exercise descriptions. What most people might know by name is all new to me so I'm still flipping through the computer in my mind when you call out a move. I also appreciate you showing us what we're 'supposed' to look like. Thank goodness you make it so much easier to perform the movements correctly!”
- Cam K., Lake Forest

“Thanks for being there and thanks too for not being a screaming drill sergeant but at all times, a steadily encouraging leader.”
- Dolley C., Irvine

“I really appreciate the effort you put in to making sure we are doing the exercise properly. And that you carefully explain all the movements.”
- Julia W., Irvine

“I love the program! I've already lost 8 lbs. and I am determined to lose more, get leaner, & tone out.”
- Marie L., Irvine

“I am quite happy with my accomplishment...lost some inches, some weight but most of all...made some time for myself to get back into a life style I left behind about 5 years ago!! The next camp I plan to push myself harder and harder to reach my next goals...I have enjoyed the camp with you and look forward to continuing on.”
- Georgia, R., Irvine

“Mark, I have been feeling so much stronger and more motivated. I have started to run the whole lap behind by the tennis courts instead of going across at the half point and I’m feeling GREAT! I really do love boot camp. Thank you for being such a fab trainer, because you really are!”
- Lynette P., Irvine

“Thank for the great workouts, they are challenging but I am loving it. Your style is great as you keep the pace up and motivate me to keep going.”
- Sally F., Irvine

“I do love your classes and the great feeling/sense of accomplishment after each session ends that I achieve. Will absolutely be signing up for more camps soon! Thank you so much for the follow up and amazing motivation. You are truly a class act and
I look forward to attending your camp again soon!”
- Tish B., Newport Beach

“I really do enjoy your knowledge of how to exercise without hurting yourself and you keep the class interesting with different things to do. Thanks for all you do!”
- Debbie M., Irvine

“You are a superb trainer and leader. I learned much about nutrition, proper exercise, and good self-care.”
- Melody.N., Irvine